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Freedom Chiropractic & Massage
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The clinic treats a wide variety of conditions from acute to chronic injuries. Sports related injuries, motor vehicle injuries, repetitive strain injuries, problem that are created from congenital abnormalities and postural balance issues. The clinic has a wide variety of professional relationships that allows us to refer patients to different practitioners if we feel they could benefit from their special training and treatment. The bottom line at Freedom is to get the patient back to the point where they have the freedom to be...



A Word on Muscle Balance

Balance of the bodies' spinal musculatures is controlled by the Reticular activating formation in the brain stem. The upper cervical spine (neck) and the skull work as a unit to protect the brain stem and allow proper balance and motion. Acute, chronic or repetitive strain injuries, improper ergonomics or even improper sleeping can adversely affect this area. Specific upper cervical adjustments made without twisting forces helps align and take tension off the region. Proper alignment of this area allows the body to achieve muscular balance.