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The clinic treats a wide variety of conditions from acute to chronic injuries. Sports related injuries, motor vehicle injuries, repetitive strain injuries, problem that are created from congenital abnormalities and postural balance issues. The clinic has a wide variety of professional relationships that allows us to refer patients to different practitioners if we feel they could benefit from their special training and treatment. The bottom line at Freedom is to get the patient back to the point where they have the freedom to be...



Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek out the care of Chiropractors. In the last 24 months, over 70% of adults suffered from back pain which lasted anywhere from a few days to never going away. Some of the causes of low back pain include poor posture, improper lifting/carrying heavy articles, stress, car accidents and falls. Of all back pain sufferers who saw a Chiropractor, over 90% were very satisfied with the outcome. By using specific adjustments, Chiropractors can restore the spine to allow for proper movement and function.