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Our clinic is located on 11th Avenue SE in the Victoria Park district of Calgary near Olympic Way. The easiest way to the clinic is to get onto Macleod Trail and turn onto 12th Avenue which is a one way heading east. Turn left onto Olympic Way (4th Street) and turn left onto 11th Ave. The clinic is in the second building on the right on the second floor. Parking is available in front, also there are parking meters on the street.

Do I Use Ice or Heat?

Definition of inflammation- Derived from the term inflammare: To set on fire!

The essential process, regardless of the causative agent, is characterized by local heat, swelling, redness and pain.-New Gould Medical Dictionary

Inflammation occurs to stop the joint and surrounding tissue from moving. The problem is that we need to move and every time we move more inflammation is produced. Don't add fuel to the fire! Ice is always the best choice as it provides a cooling affect especially for acute(new) or flared up chronic(old) injuries.